March 10, 1844 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from J. C. Sprague

March 10, 1844

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Galesburg, MI

From: J. C. Sprague, Covington, NY

Speaks of Aunt Lois and also of Uncle Elijah. Reports that Luke’s daughter Lois is doing well and that the deacon’s place would be the best place for her to stay until Luke settles again, but her grandmother doesn’t want to let her go. 

Scan of 1844-03-10 J C Sprague to Charles Luke Keith Jr

March 10, 1844[1]

Mr L C Keith

Dear Sir

Aunt Lois[2] left a request for me to write to you when she left here for Stafford[3]. I was not at home at the time. Aunts health was rather poor. When she left your little girl[4] was well and in good order that is to say fat. We think her a prety smart wolverine. The Deacons folks want her to live with them verry much but her Grand ma is so afraid she will cry that she cannot have her out of her sight one moment.

If I were allowed to express my opinion I would say of all the places I know the Deacons is the best for your child untill you settle again.

Aunt wants you to write by Mr Starr and let her know whether you calculate to come down this spring and stay through the season or not and wants you to fetch her umbrella and also Uncle Elijahs Portrait if you can conveniently. Gertrude says you must come as quick as you can and fetch Bub[5] with you. Our friends are all weel except my wife. Her health is rather poor.

The Deacon wideawake about Fouierism[6]. He calculates to get in to the Assosiation at Clarkson or yours at Kalamazoo.[7] He is going down as soon as the Travelling will admit. I wate untill we get our here. I have no news to write. My wife unites with me in our best wishes to you and also to your Brothers[8] and Fathers[9] families and to all enquireing friend if any.

Your affectionately

J. C. Sprague[10]


[1] The date was inadvertently cut off during the scan process (10-7-2017: the letter has been rescanned showing the date)

[2] Possibly Lois (Sprague) Mears

[3] Stafford, New York

[4] Luke’s daughter, Lois Keith, who was born August 16, 1840. Lois’ mother, Minerva (Payson) Keith, died August 29, 1843 and she was living with her grandmother temporarily

[5] Believe he is referring to Luke’s son (Lois’ brother), who was born August 20, 1843, and was being cared for by Joseph & Amanda (Hobbs) Flanders

[6] French socialist Charles Fourier, whose principles were the basis of the Alphadelphia Association

[7] The Alphadelphia Association; see the post following the May 23, 1847 letter for a brief description of the Alphadelphia Association

[8] Harvey Keith and John Wesley Keith

[9] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[10] It is unclear at this time if this is James Sprague Jr. or somebody else

(This post was updated on 03-38-2021)

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