Poem written to Charlana Adams by Phebe Adams


To: Charlana Adams

From: Phebe Adams

These poems were written in 1838 or 1839 as a goodbye to Charlana Adams by her sister, Phebe Adams, and a couple of friends. Charlana was leaving New York and moving to Michigan, where she taught school in 1839 in Portage, Michigan. Since the entire document is in the same handwriting, and the last line appears to be the start of another poem, it is assumed this is a copy made by either Charlana or Phebe.

Scan of 1839 Phebe Adams poem to Charlana Adams

H  Humility is a christian _____

If I am never more to meet with you
Then farewell my Dear Sister I must bid you adieu
If often many foreign lands you see
Tis I pray you to keep in rememberence of me.

You go but not to Indias sultry climes
Or to Europes distant shore
But you go to the Michigan
And we may part to meet no more.

And if perchance fate should ordain it so
Which truth and time alone can tell
Remember your dear Sister Phebe A
That she most sincerely wishes you well.

Faretheewell the tie is broken
You belong to us no more
Now the parting words are spoken
And the closing scene is ore.

We have shared in sweet communion
Joys no strangrs heart can tell
Now we burst the bands of union
And in sadness say farewell.

I will oft remember thee
When with your friends I meet
Allthough far distant you may bee
Your memory will be sweet.

From your truly affectionate Sister Phebe Adams

I Ireland belongs to Grt Britain

May heavenly angels their soft wings display
And guard you on through every dangerous way
And in evry state may you most happy be
And though far distant sometimes think of me.
Laura Merriman, Somerville, Aged 17, 1838
To Miss Adams

The time has come that we must part
It is affecting to my hart
Will you think of me when this you see
Though many a distant mile from me.
The respects of William Bishop
To Miss Adams

When oft in solitude you rove

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