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Over the years I have had the privilege of obtaining hundreds of old family letters. Some of them I inherited from my mother, grandmother and cousin, while others were borrowed from relatives who allowed me to scan their original letters.

Many of these letters have already been transcribed, especially those relating to the Crawford and Comfort families (which have been posted at expyour.wordpress.com), however there are still many, many letters waiting to be transcribed which concern the Keith, Meredith, Lee, Harris, Allen, Brown, Tomlinson and Crittenden families, to name a few.

A summary of each letter, in italics, has been added to the top of each letter and links will be provided, in chronological order, for each of the letters posted at the Crawford/Comfort blog site. Where possible, footnotes have been added to identify people mentioned in the letters.

Interspersed chronologically among the letters are diary entries from Charles Luke Keith Jr.s’ diaries.

I have tried to transcribe these letters as written, keeping the original spelling, however sometimes punctuation has been added to make the letters more readable.

Many thanks to Jean Johnson, Lela Mueller, Dorothy Langmayer, Carol Stafford and Shirley Glascott for these letters and Jay Crawford who has been my partner in transcribing the Crawford/Comfort family letters.

If you have any corrections, additions or comments, please feel free to let me know.

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  1. Hey!

    I have been asked to write a post to honor your upcoming blogiversary on geneabloggerstribe.com. Can you send me an email so I can share a link with you that will help highlight the awesomeness of your blog? I would have done this via email but I couldn’t find it on your site 🙂


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