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I have started a new blogsite for letters and diary entries starting in 1860. I will no longer be posting them to my Facebook account so if you have enjoyed reading them, please go to my new blog ( and click on the Follow button to receive email notifications of new posts.

2 thoughts on “To continue reading …

  1. Hi Barb i have been speaking to Margaret Williams today, and told her about your Blog site again and that you had sent me a email. I am happy to read it to as the Keith family was linked to My Great Grandfather Charles J Lee when he came to Melbourne Australia in 1878 Ethan Keith was his Cousin and they corresponded with each other and also Great Grandfathers oldest Brother Alvin back in Kalamazoo Michigan, regards and thanks for the Blog. Charles R Lee


    • Good to hear from you again, Charles. I’m pretty sure I had sent you copies of the letters between the Keith & Lee families; if I didn’t, let me know and I’ll resend them. With the exception of the 1920’s, I’m posting all the letters in chronological order and it will be sometime before I get to the 1880’s which is when most of the letters between Charles J. Lee and Ethan Keith will be posted, but Ethan’s father, Luke, mentions various Lee family members (especially Mark Lee) quite often in his diary entries and occasionally a letter will be to or from the Lee family. Do you know anything of A. T. (or F.) Jones? He seems to be connected somehow to these families and I haven’t figured that out yet. Have you checked out my other sites which are listed on the side bar? There are just so many letters that I’ve had to break them down into decades, so if you haven’t, be sure to do so. Thanks for the note and hope you enjoy reading the letters. Barb


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