August 23, 1859 letter to Luke Keith from William Tomlinson

August 23, 1859

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: William Tomlinson, Colon, MI

He is not in a position to make a payment this coming fall on the land he bought of Luke, but he has a span of five-year-old Bay geldings he can give him if they can agree on their worth.

Scan of 1859-08-23 William Tomlinson to Luke Keith

Colon August 23, 1859

Mr. Keith


I receved a letter from George Tomlinson[1] a Short time Since Stating that he had Sent my Notes and Scromtons[?] to you to make a payment on the Land he Bought of you. I wish to say to you that I am Not in a condition to meet them in cash this fall. But I have property that I will turn out to you untill you are Satiesfied if it is any thing reasonable. I consist in horses harnesses & buggies or farm implements. I have a span of nice dark Bay 5 yearold Geldings that I will let you have providing we can agree on their worth. If you think you can use any such property to you or _____ I will drive out my young horses and let you see them at the time of the National horse Show at Kalamazoo on the 11 to the 14 of October. Please inform me of your wants and necessities in this matter imediately.

Respectifully yours

William Tomlinson

Colon St. Joseph County Michigan


[1] George was married to Luke’s niece, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson. The relationship between George and William is unknown at this time

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