July 12, 1837 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from E. D. White

July 12, 1837  

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Tolands Prairie, MI

From: E. D. White, Kalamazoo, MI

He left without saying goodbye as the family was napping.

1837-07-12 E D White to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Kalamazoo 12 July 1837

Mr L. Keith Jr.[1]


Having from early youth experienced the pleasures attending a morning nap I thought best not to disturb the sweet slumbers of the family. I therefore stole from the dwelling of Uncle Luke without even saying Good Morning.

As to the Old folks I will settle with them hereafter I’ll plague[?] them by Gum – when I next go there but I wish you to Give my love to All particular Uncle ____ Cruttendens folks,[2] And write to me immediately after your arrival. Hereof fail not at your peril. Given under my hand &c.[3]

E. D. White[4]


[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr., known better, and referred to, as Luke

[2] Perhaps this is referring to Jairus (the handwriting looks like Jirs) Cruttenden/Crittenden. Luke was engaged to his daughter, Jerusha; however, when a new girl, Minerva Payson, came to town he broke off the engagement and in 1838 married Minerva. She died August 29, 1843 and Luke then married Jerusha on July 25, 1847

[3] Et cetera

[4] It is unknown who this is or how he is related to Luke

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