August 4, 1844 letter to R. S. Clapp from Charles Luke Keith Jr.

August 4, 1844

To: R. S. Clapp

From: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Stafford, NY

It appears that Mr. Clapp is anxious to have the payment of his note put off a short time. Mother has thought of putting her money in the Association, but thinks they are not doing very well.

Scan of 1844-08-04 Charles Luke Keith Jr to R S Clapp

Stafford August 4th 1844

Mr. R. S. Clapp

Sir your letter of the 27th Date Came to hand on friday last. You Appear to be Anxious to have the payment of your note put off a short time. Mother[1] has Thought some of putting her money in to the Association[2] as soon as she gets home again but as we have not heard any thing about the Association she thinks some times they are not doing very well or we should heard something about it. The president Told me when I left home he would let me know how they prospered. I have not heard The first word from him just as Expected Whig .. Whig- .. Whig—

As for the money, you can have it som six or Eight months. She Thinks she would not like to put it off any longer if she should ever get back to Michigan & the Association should prosper she thinks her money would gain her as much or more then ____ any other place she could put it.

We shall probably if our healths _____ be Home next month. We are all rather Home sick want to get back to Michigan.

There are a great many Old gals down here that would like to Emigrate to Michigan. I think you have best come this way in stead of going south &c &c and so on.

By Order of Mrs Payson I Send You This

You Can Have The Money Till The first of March 1845 if not longer

Yours &c

C. L. Keith

R. S. Clapp

Stafford Aug 4th 1844


[1] Believe he is referring to his then mother-in-law, Mrs. Payson

[2] The Alphadelphia Association; see the post following the May 23, 1847 letter for a brief description of the Alphadelphia Association

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