April 29, 1849 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from Sarah Crittenden

April 29, 1849                                   

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr, Galesburg, MI

From: Sarah Crittenden, Covington, NY

Was waiting for Henry to write, but he is in poor health, as is Aunt Lois and Clarissa. Aunt Lois lent all her money to a man and lost it. She hopes that Luke will send her some. Was sorry to hear of Jerusha’s death, but it was not unexpected. Guy Sprague died leaving two children.

Scan of 1849-04-29 Sarah Crittenden to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Covington Apr th 29 1849


I have waited a long time for Henry[1] to answer your letter but it is such a chore for him to write that he says he cannot write. His health is poor is not able to work any but I am in hopes he will be better when it comes warm weather. Pauls[2] wife[3] and I went to Stafford last week found Aunt Louis[4] very unwell. Her health has been very poor all winter. She was in low spirits. She had lent what money she had here and the man had failed and she had lost it so it had left her with out any thing and she feels very bad. She is in hopes you will collect some for her there and send her. She is very anxious you should. I hope you will for I feel very sorry for her. I also found Clarissa[5] poorly. She has a bad cough and I fear she will go the way of the rest. It was meloncoly news when we read of Jerushas[6] death but it was not unexpected although we had hoped she might recover. I think you must be very lonely. You wrote you would be glad to have Henry and I come up to Michigan this spring but times go hard with us and we can not afford it though I should be very glad to. The friends at Pavilion are well. Julia is gone. She died in December 11 months after _____. The little boy has gone to live with Mrs Dodge Julias sister. It is now evening since I wrote the above. Marion and George[7] have been here and say they have heard from you and hear you was comeing down this summer. Give my respects to your father[8] and mother[9] and when you come we can tell you all the news. It is getting late so I must close.

We have just heard of the death of Guy Sprague.[10] Left too children. No more at present. Good evening.

Sarah Crittenden


[1] Sarah’s husband, Henry Crittenden

[2] Paul Sprague, Henry’s first cousin

[3] Lydia Sprague, Paul’s wife

[4] Possibly Lois (Sprague) Mears, sister of Henry’s mother, Eunice (Sprague) Crittenden; however, it could be the mother of Luke’s first wife Minerva (Payson) Keith whose first name is believed to be Lois, as there seems to be a connection between the Sprague and Payson families; investigation continues

[5] Henry’s sister, Clarissa (Crittenden) English

[6] Luke’s second wife, Jerusha (Crittenden) Keith, who died September 23, 1848

[7] Luke’s niece, Marion (Sprague) and her husband, George Tomlinson

[8] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[9] Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[10] The U.S. Census Mortality Schedule for 1850 lists Guy C Sprague, living in Middlebury, New York, married, age 36, with a date of death of April 1850. Guy Sprague and Henry Crittenden were first cousins

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