August 16, 1848 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from Henry Crittenden

August 16, 1848

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Galesburg, MI

From: Henry Crittenden, Covington, NY

He sent the castings and skeins to Luke yesterday and gives an accounting of his expenses for doing that. Sarah has recovered from her fall from the wagon. They are anxious to hear how Jerusha is.

Scan of 1848-08-16 Henry Crittenden to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Covington  August 16th 1848

Dear Sir

I have sent the castings and skeins to you yesterday by the railroad to Galesburg from Attica directed to Luke Keith.

The Axels cast at 5 cts per lb                        $5.65
The Boxes and Skeins                                      4.00
I shall have to charge for going to Att.       1.00
I have to hire a horse & waggon                  10.65
and Cr. to you in cash                                    $6.00
Leaving a balance in my favour of                4.65

Which you may forward to me as soon as it may be convenient for you to do so and you will oblige yours &c.

You promised to write to some of us before this. My health is better than when I was at your place. I am some encouraged. Do not know but I may take another trip on the lakes as far as Cleveland this fall. Do not know certain yet. Sarahs[1] health _____ she has entirely recovered from her fall from the waggon. I have Miss Pasons own words to write. She says she would like to see some of your handwriting once more. She wishes you to say something about a certain Note. I could not tell whether or not you said anything to me or not. If you did I have entirely forgotten everything about it. You must write the old lady something. She feels anxious to hear from you all verry.

We have not heard from you directly since I left but once indirectly that was by the way of D. Smith. Mr Hall of pavillion saw David some where and he said Jerusha[2] remained just as when I was there. You scarcely know or think how anxious we are to learn something about her health. Do write something soon and relieve this anxiety with us all.

Our friends and neighbours ____ all in good health healthy generally in this vicinity.

Some pollitical news we go free Soil measures Martin Vanburen is the man for York States for president and Mr Adams for the vice and we will Screw Slavery out of the land. _____ more nonsence to write what did Davis Smith say because I did not go see him. _____ he say any thing about the waggon any thing about the pay for it & write soon. It is a great trouble for me to write. I can scarcely write my hand trembles bad. I do not know if you can read this scrall.



[1] Henry’s wife, Sarah (Curtis) Crittenden

[2] Luke’s second wife, Jerusha (Crittenden) Keith; Jerusha was Henry’s sister

[3] Between a rather large hole and portions of the paper having been torn off, transcription was difficult; however, it appears that the letter was written by Henry Crittenden

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