March 2, 1831 letter to Jerusha Crittenden from Maria Mears

March 2, 1831

To: Jerusha Crittenden, Covington, NY

From: Maria Mears, Elbridge, NY

Hasn’t heard from Jerusha since Maria wrote in January. Mother couldn’t see her relations because James did not come home. Father expects to go railroading this spring. She wishes she was at Uncle Jersey’s making maple sugar. Wonders if Jerusha has as many beaus as ever. Would like to make Grandmother and Aunt Abiah another visit.

Scan of 1831-03-02 Maria Mears to Jerusha Crittenden

Dear Cousin,[1]

As I[2] had a favourable and I hope a safe opportunity of writing or sending a letter to you I knew not how to employ my time better than by doing so. Though you have never answerd my letter that I wrote in January but perhaps you have never received it. I hope that you have not for I do not wish to believe that you would neglect writing to me afterr you had received and read one of my incomparable letters but I ought not to praise my own letters so highly untill I have seen one of yours. Mother[3] could no gou to see her good relaton this winter because James[4] did not come home but she still thinks of going this spring if nothing happens to hinder her. Father[5] expects to go off a rail-road-ing this spring. I do realy wish that I was to Uncle Jerseys[6] to day making maple sugar for it is so pleasant to day that I am sure the sap must run nicely.

Gerusha d you have as many beauxs as ever, if you do I pitty you. I dare say that they are troublesome. If some of you dont come to Ellbridge this summer you ought to be hangd by the foot till you get tired of it and if you dont answer this letter you may know that I am mad at you. I should like to make Grand Mother[7] and Aunt Abiah[8] another visit. I am reading Paul Pliffar. The snow is going off verry fast indeed but we have a good long winter tho. Do write to me and I assure you that your letters shall not want an answer. Give my compliments to your youngest Brother and tell him

[The rest of the letter is missing]


[1] The letter was folded in such a manner so as to make its own envelope. It is addressed to Miss Gerusha Crutenden, Covington, N.Y. “by the politeness of Mr. [or perhaps Wm.] Spaulding”
[2] Although the last half of the letter is missing and there is no indication of who wrote the letter, the handwriting matches that of Maria Louise Mears (age 15), who wrote the September 19, 1832 letter to Jerusha Crittenden (age 13)
[3] Lois (Sprague) Mears
[4] Maria’s brother, James Mears
[5] Maria’s father, James Mears
[6] It was hard to make out exactly this uncle’s name; it appears to be Jersey – could it possibly refer to Jerusha’s father, Jarius Crittenden?
[7] Believe this is referring to Esther (Hutchinson) Sprague
[8] Abiah (Carpenter) Sprague, wife of James Sprague

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