September 19, 1832 letter to Jerusha Crittenden from Maria Mears

September 19, 1832

To:  Jerusha Crittenden

From:  Maria Mears, Elbridge, NY

Father and James intend to go to Ithaca next month on canaling business. She was riding her horse when she grew dizzy and fell off. Now her father won’t let her ride horseback any more. Mentions Aunt Eunice and Grandmother.

Scan of 1832-09-19 Maria Mears to Jerusha Crittenden

Elbridge Sept 19 1832

Dear Cousin[1]

It is such a warm day that I can not knit and as I was anxious to hear from you and knowing that you would never write to me unless I wrote to you first I have put on a long face and sat down to write but I should have though that you might have writen to me before this time. I hope that you will not be so neglectful hereafter. Laura[2] and her boy are up here and have been these three weeks. Mary[3] is teaching a scool for her comfort or rather for the comfort of the district. Perhaps you have got or had the colera. If you have I should not think strange. I want to see your white face very much indeed and the face of every cousin that I own. I enjoied myself very well while the unversalist convention lasted. It was such fun to see them all shaking hands and buzzing about like a swarm of bees a intermission. I sat up galery wher I could have a fair view of the doings. Our folks all like Mr Sadler very much all but me. I did not like him any better than I do any other minister.

Father[4] and James[5] intend to go to Ithaca next month on canaling business. Last week I was taking a ride on horseback with another girl and all on a suden I grew dizzy and fell off and hit on my knowledge box which deprived me of my sences for some timme. I was carried into a house 8(?) miles from home. Our folks and the Dr was sent for and I carried home. Now is that not an accident worth taking a ride for. But I have not told you the the worst yet. Father says that I shall not ride any more on horseback.

I think that it is a shame that Mother[6] did not go and see your folks[7] last winter but she could not. I do wish that you would come here this winter. Guy has promised to come and I think that you might come with him. I am affraid that he is mad at me for not answering his last letter but it is not my fault that I have not. Father did not like to have me write to him but I think that he will not care anything about now and I intend to write to him before long.

Mothers compliments to Aunt Eunice[8] and mine to Grandmother[9]. You must write to me if you can. Perhaps you do not know how to. James is waiting to carry this letter to the post office with some that he has been writing. If I ever get another chance to go out to your house on a load of corn I will.

In the meantime I remain

Your affectionate Cousin MLM[10]

[to] Jerusha C


[1] Jerusha Crittenden, age 14

[2] Sister, Laura (Mears) VanSlyke

[3] Sister, Mary Mears

[4] James Mears

[5] Brother, James Mears Jr.

[6] Lois (Sprague) Mears

[7] Jarius and Eunice (Sprague) Crittenden

[8] Jerusha’s mother, Eunice (Sprague) Crittenden

[9] Believe this is Esther (Hutchinson) Sprague

[10] Maria Louise Mears, age 16

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