March 9, 1855 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

March 9, 1855

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

The bargain he had with his cousin to go in with on the land has fallen through. He then gives explicit directions on what he would like Luke to do as far as planting, what to do with the timber and manure, and the possibility of building a barn.

Scan of 1855-03-09 George Tomlinson to Luke Keith

Pavilion           March 9, 1855

C. L. Keith, Esq.

The bargain I made with my cousin for going on to that land has fell through. He backed out of the contract & I thought best to let him go for what he will fetch.

I now want to let out the land to some one. The deacon[1] suggests that Oscar has team enough to put in what land wants to be put into wheat & perhaps spring crops. See him & see how he feels about it. He has written to me to by that point of land. I shall write him in a few days. I would let out the house for a year to some small family or the house & land to the same person.

I want what wood you have chopped down cut into & cords as we have before talkd.

What will you ask to put up a barn as you proposed before you sold? I think you might turn some of your accts into labor.

I want a barn put up the next summer if I can get it & turn the wheat to pay for it so far as it will go. If you cant tend to the barn busniss consult some mechanic & find what they will take timber that is there, plank &c and find evry thing else necessary to put up a barn after the plan you proposed and compelte it. If I dont get a barn built I want the timber hewed so it will not spoil & piled up so it will not warp or rot.

If you can attend to putting up a barn I had rather you would If it can be done so as not to cost too much.

I will sell the farm for $3,000 you may offer it for sail for that price but in the mean time may let it as I have suggested above. I dont care much about selling it – had rather keep it if I can get some good man to work it.

I want the manure drawn on the orchard & planted to corn to be followed by wheat & seeded down. That eight acre lot most of the wheat lot put into corn or plowed & sown to wheat & that 12 acre lot plowed & put into wheat.

If Oscar wants to take it I rather he would – If not some other one.

Write the prospects. Where are those men that you wrote about wanting to take the land?

We are all well. The Deacon has gone to Attica to get his teeth fixed.

James Arteys wife was buried a few days ago. Aunt Lois is as well as usual. She talks of going to Mich to live with Paul.


Geo. Tomlinson[2]


[1] George’s father-in-law, James Sprague Jr.

[2] Not much is known about the people mentioned in this letter; research continues

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