July 25, 1847 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from Harvey Keith

July 25, 1847

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Pavilion, NY

From: Harvey Keith, Comstock, MI

Has been very warm and wet, so much so that wheat is growing in the shock. Would like a first rate set of wagon arms and boxes. Wants to know when Luke is coming home.

Scan of 1847-07-25 Harvey Keith to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Comstock July 25th/47

Luke I Receved your letter in due season. You wished me to see Cathrine in regard to Clapps concern. Clapp has not got back yet. He said he would write to him. Whether he has or not I dont know. Father wants you to pay her what he owz & he will pay you when you get here. Father & Mother[1] is quite sick with the ague or chill fever. They have not been sick but a few days. Mrs Zeiglar is quite sick chill fever other wise it is very healthy for this season of the year. It is very warm & very wet so much so that wheat is groing in the shock. I have been to Fathers to day. His is all grown together. The best crop we have had in some time. I am to work on the mill. We are getting along very well with it. Mr Hunt has burried his wife this sumer. I have been thinking of sending & have you get me a set of waggon arms & boxes. They make such work here casting they are not worth much. If you can get me a set and get them turn’d or fitted up & have any way to bring them I should like it. You may do as you think best. I want a first rate set.

Mrs Starr[2] is here. She came here this moring. I send this by her. When you write me again say what time you will probably be at home & when you get to the burgh[3] call at the mill. I shall probably be there if nothing happens. Mother wants you should see Westly[4] & have him write to her. Give my respects to Wetly. Tell him he must stick to his trade and be steady get it learnt and go into some good place & set up for him self. Give my respects to James & family & to all others that may enquire after me.

Yours &c

Harvey Keith


[1] Charles Luke Sr. and Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[2] Presumably his mother-in-law, Alfleda Starr

[3] Galesburg, Michigan

[4] John Wesley Keith, Harvey’s & Luke’s adopted brother

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