June 24, 1857 letter to Luke Keith from Mrs. Charles Cridland

June 24, 1857

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Mrs. C. R. Cridland, Cleveland, OH

Charles has not received the money owed him by Luke’s father or Mrs. Mills. Charles needs to pay transportation fees on his goods and needs his things from the boxes. She is sending a stamp and hopes Luke will answer immediately. She asks to be remembered to Luke’s wife, brother and children.

Scan of 1857-06-24 Mrs Charles Cridland to Luke Keith

Cleveland June 24th, 1857

Mr Luke Keith

Sir, I rec’d a letter from Charles today in which he said, that he had not got the ten Dollars from your father yet. He said that there was a Dollar from Mrs Willard L. Mills. If you will be so kind as to send the Eleven Dollars to me. If your father[1] will not exchang the bill, I will get it exchanged and pay the difference myself. Charles had been to considerable expense and needs it to pay transportation on his goods, they have been delayed so long on the road that his trees are worthless yet. He needs his bedding and other things in the boxes or else I would advise him to let them go. I will send a stamp and if you will answer immedately it will add another to the many obligations which we are under to yourself, and Mrs Keith.[2] Remember me to her, your brother[3] and children.[4] We reached home safely, and are now very well.

I am Yours Respectfully

Mrs C. R. Cridland

[to] Mr L Keith
Galesburg Mich


[1] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[2] Luke’s wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[3] His adopted brother, John “Wesley” Keith

[4] Lois and Henry (by his first wife, Minerva Payson), and Ethan, Nancy and Hannah (by his third wife, Sarah Crawford)