March 24, 1859 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

March 24, 1859

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Noah backed out of the trade because he wasn’t satisfied with the survey. He wanted it chained out; he wasn’t willing to take the U.S. survey. Would like Luke to put up a Farm For Sale board. They don’t expect Dan Sprague to live much longer. Old Squire Brooks was buried and his daughter, Mrs. Mathews, died March 27th.

Pavilion March 24/59

C. L. Keith Esq

Uncle Noah[1] has backed out of the trade – a thing I did not expect – he is not satisfied with the survey of the land. He wanted it chained out – so he would know just the number of rods the deed calls for. He is not willing to take the United States survey. So I have that land on hand. Does Lasher[2] keep up the fences as he agreed? I suspect not. If you should see any one either in Kalamazoo or your place that wants to trade any goods in whole or in part for that land, hit into him – or any one wanting it on time – sell it. Perhaps you had better put up a board “Farm for sale.” Dont you want enough of the land to come to what I am owing you? We are well as usual. Mother[3] is rather down this winter she is troubled with her hand. Dan Sprague[4] is hard up – it is thought he will live but a few weeks at longest. He had an attack of rheumatism in the chest – which has run him into the consumption – he looks hard. Old Squire Brooks was buried one day this week. He bled from the lungs – dropt away suddenly. His daughter Mrs Mathews died a few weeks ago.

March 27. All well. Fine spring weather.


Geo. Tomlinson

[1] Noah Starr. George’s wife, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson, and Noah’s daughter-in-law, Emma (Sprague) Starr, were first cousins

[2] See footnote #2 of the February 6, 1859 letter

[3] His mother-in-law, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague, who was Luke’s sister

[4] His wife Marion’s uncle. He died just a week later on March 31, 1859

November 15, 1839 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from James Sprague Jr.

November 15, 1839

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Galesburg, MI

From: James Sprague Jr., Pavilion, NY

Mentions Luke’s wife, Minerva. Talks about times being hard. Wants to know how much Luke got cheated out of by selling his mare. Dan’s girl was buried four weeks ago.

Scan of 1839-11-15 J Sprague to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Pavilion Nov 15 1839

Sir we have not herd from you except by Minerva[1]. We expected a letter from you before this – the rest of the folks we have given up there writing. We are all well. It is the hardest time for Money we ever knew. I paid W. M. Sprague[2] thirty four dollars & had the same indorsed on your Note. William was some dissatisfied. He said he expected from the conversation that he had with you that I would give my Note & take up yours. You said nothing to me about it. He talked of writing to you on the subject – I dont know if he has or not. The cloth I left with Father[3] sell if it will sell for ten shillings pr yard more if it is worth it. Dans[4] girl was buried 4 weeks to morrow. We expect to send by Mr Austin some yarn to keep Catherines[5] feet warm. Give our respects to all.

J Sprague Jr[6]

I understand by Mrs Payson you had to swap away the old mare. I should like to know how much you got cheated. I am verry sorry you went with a horse & waggon. Had I have known your circumstances before buying the horse as I have since I should have advised you differently but it is no use to cry for spilt milk.

In haste

J Sprague Jr


[1] Luke’s wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith

[2] Believe this to be his brother, William Sprague

[3] James Sprague Sr.

[4] His brother, Dan Sprague

[5] Luke’s sister, Catherine (Keith) Bradley

[6] James Sprague Jr.