March 1, 1858 letter to Luke Keith from Charles Cridland

March 1, 1858

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Charles R. Cridland, Delaware, KS

Writes that he has received the money from Mr. Taylor but that he is getting tired of waiting for his Michigan affairs to be settled. He wants his things boxed up and sent along with the cook stove (although he wants Luke to make some modifications prior to sending it). After looking for weeks he has found land he likes and has built a house on it. He writes that he is a “city” because all it takes in the country to be one is a cabin with a barrel of whiskey and a keg of tobacco. Although he is anxious for his things he wants Luke to hold off sending them until the freight charges on the river become cheaper. He would like some top onions, June potatoes and the stand and looking glass along with a handful of the China Creeper.

Scan of 1858-03-01 Charles Cridland to Luke Keith

Delaware Mar 1, 1858

Friend Luke,

I received yours of [blank space] with Mr Taylors note and the money enclosed all right. It appears after all the Cook Stove is not disposed of yet. I am getting tired of this and I want to bring my matters in Mich to a conclusion. I wish you would get the Stove and apparatus to Galesburg, and if the move ables can be put in the oven and the doors made fast with wire so that there will be no danger of their coming open, do so. if not I want you to get a box big enough to hold my books & things and the Stove things if they can not be safe in the oven and the Stove pipe. Get a quire or two of paper and wrap the things up well and put them inside the pipe and the boiler to save room. I should like to have the bottom taken out of the old boiler and a new bottom straight like a pail put in. You can get it done cheaper in Galesburg than I can here. I want it done because it is so handy to dip corn in when I make brooms. I mean the old copper boiler. I dont remember now what I left but I do not want you to send all that trash. Send the books and papers and the boot trees and the box of glass and any thing which you think will be useful to me and worth paying 3 cents a pound freight on. There is a clevis and the round plane. Be sure to send that and a few of those bolts with nuts on, the washboard and the Rolling pin.

I have been out most 4 weeks through this cold spell hunting up a quarter section of land and have got one that suits me well and have built a house upon it on the mail road 45 miles south of Lawrence with two cities in sight (a city in the country a is a place where there is a cabin, with a barrel of whiskey and a keg of tobacco in it perhaps a few other notions). Since I made my claim the Legislative have located the Capitol in that County so I am in town and could not take less than a thousand dollars. We are having very changeable weather here now summer one day and winter the next.

I want you to get those things pack’d and ready but do not send them until I write again. I want to wait until the freight comes down on the river. There have been so many boats up this winter with goods that I think the freight will soon be down to 50 cents a hund. But let me know as soon as you get them pack’d and tell what the box and boiler cost and I will send you the pay when I send you word to forward them. Tell Mr Taylor, if he can send me a few top onions, and some June potatoes, for that stand and looking glass I should like. They would fill up the chinks and would not cost much for freight, and be sure that you get a handful of the roots of the China creeper, and wrap them up well that they do not freeze. Get it at Taylors.

C R Cridland

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