July 28, 1857 letter to Luke Keith from Charles R. Cridland

July  28, 1857[1]

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Charles R. Cridland, Delaware, KS

Is writing this letter because he forgot to include some things in his last letter. He is looking for his duck bill garden hoe and also sends instructions on how to mail the map he left behind and asks Luke to check if there is anything at the P.O. for him. He wants John Lay to send the Tribune to him in the future as he wants to see what is going on in all parts of Kansas. He wants Luke to see Mr. Bristol about the Broom Machine and whether he could get it. He gives numerous instructions (along with a diagram) on how he wants parts for the machine adjusted to be like Clark’s. He will pay Luke for his trouble and the freight.

Scan of 1857-07-28 Charles Cridland to Luke Keith

Delaware R J July 28[?]. 1857.

Friend Luke

Before I got through my last letter I found I had forgot several things which I could not get in and that I must write again to finish – in the first place I left my duck bill garden hoe behind which I want you to find. Perhaps Taylor has got it. The map I left you must get a large envelope at John Lay’s and fold it and send by mail. You must enquire if there has been anything come to the P O for me. You must see about the tribune. If John has got them send them by mail post paid and pay John the postage and tell him to send mail them to me in future. I have paid one quarter pay him for the rest of the year. If you have not got the dollars of _____ I will send you the money. I have got a little money now. Most of all I want you to see Bristol about the Broom Machine. He will tell you about it if he could not get it. I want you to get me the two rollers made the one for the handle to go through and the back roller. I want the back roller the whole length of the machine having a bearing in the middle on the middle top rail like this: [at this point he inserted drawings]. You know I should like you to get me the two top cross rails. I think I can manage the rest myself instead of having the broom roller fixed on the top like the old one I want it like Clark’s in this way the rails _____ made [another drawing] the end hollowed to let the roller in and a strap of iron to keep it in its place. Have the distance the broom roller shorter by 4 or 6 inches than the old one between the bearings. there is no use in having it so long and the twine roller need not be more than 12 or 15 in. It makes the machine take up a deal more room than necessary and is no better. The cross rails must be longer because they project over in front as I have figured. Get me the two rollers and the two cross rails. I should you to attend to as soon as you can, and to send me what handles you have at the same time unless there is a prospect of getting more handles in the way I have written about before. Tie the handles 50 in a bunch at each end with good twine and you can tie them the rollers and rails up with some of them I think. And I want the freight to be paid to Chicago at 32 cents a 100 as that will save me paying about 5 per cent a week for advancing. They charged me about a dollar on my things for advancing the pay for about two weeks. They charge about as much for taking them into the warehouse[?] at Leavenworth as they do for bringing[?] them up the river 600 or 700 miles from St. Louis. Have the hole bored in the roller about right you know how and get the old roller and see the size where the band goes on with the screw in. I bought the band with me, and can fit it on if you dont get the roller too small. But before you send write to me and tell how much you will want to pay out for your trouble and the freight and I will send it to you.

Your friend

Charles R Cridland

I am so near Kansas I dont know any thing much about it. I want the tribune to see what’s going on there.

Put this note in the P.O. for Bristol and then you will see him when he comes to town.


[1] The actual day that the letter was written is hard to read but appears to be July 28, 1857

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