October 3, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

October 3, 1856

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

All are well here except Frank has the summer complaint. Getting along as well as when Patty was here. He’s thinking of selling the farm. If anyone inquires, he will take $23 per acres. If Lasher is willing to leave he will let him have whatever he can get over $23 per acre. Doesn’t want to build a barn if selling. Business is good at the store. Maybe Marion will write.

Scan of 1856-10-03 George Tomlinson to Luke Keith

Pavilion Oct. 3. 1856.

C. L. Keith, Esq.

Your line was not rec’d till yesterday. We are all well except Frank[1] has the summer complaint[2] somewhat – not very bad but we have not been able to check it. I dont see but we get along as well as when Aunt Patty[3] was here.

Libby says she cant stay with us only this week – dont know who we shall get. The Gentleman[4] has been _____ – has had the blues teribly – dirty wool, dull machines, cold weather & low water till within a few days & a great many other little devils to numeruous to mention.

On the whole I think if an opportunity offers we had best sell our farm.

You may say to men enquiring for land it is for sale – it has cost me to this date $23.80 per acre. I will take 23$. If those men want it I will let them have it – I shall want enough down to secure the sale & will give some time on the remainder. I think that fair good property if one could be there to see it. I want the means in my business or I would not care to sell. I shall not sell unless Lasher is willing to leave. I will let him have what he can get more than 23$ per acre – if he sells it this fall.

What is he doing about a barn. I dont want to build if I make a sale.

How are the horses?

Have you reserved that security?

I dont think of any thing new.

The Dea.[5] has gone to day to look up a girl – we are doing a fair business in the store.

G. Tomlinson

May be Marion[6] will write.


[1] His son, Frank Tomlinson

[2] A common, noncontagious diarrhea of young children, occurring in summer or autumn, sometimes caused by spoiled milk

[3] His mother-in-law, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[4] Perhaps he is referring to his father-in-law

[5] His father-in-law, James Sprague Jr.

[6] His wife, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

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