October 26, 1856 letter to Luke Keith from James S. King

October 26, 1856

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: James S. King, DePere, WI

Tells Luke about the various farms he has checked into that Luke could purchase.

Scan of 1856-10-26 James King to Luke Keith

Depere Oct 26th 1856

Dear Cosen[1]

I take my pen this evening to write you afew lines in answer to your of the 9th inst.[2] You may depend we was rite glad to here of your safe arival at hom, hearing as you did in that storme of rain and wind. We are all well as usual and hope this will find you the same and all ready to start for Wis. Well, now, I will report to you what I have done with regard to getting you aplace. I went to Depere last Thursday, saw Mr. Newton. He said he should not like to sell his place (that is, the whole of it) but thought he would sell from 20 to 40 acres ajoining me. He said there would bee 2 springs on it as good as those in his Clearings. Said you could have the house on his place to live in untill you could put you up ahouse. He said the price would bee from (7 to 10) from seven to ten dollars per acre. I shall know the perticulars town meeting day and will write you then. I shall then see Mr. Loy with regard to the (80) rite east of Leroys the (80) we went to look of. You can have for (5) five dollars per acre but I think Mr. Newtons the cheepest at 10, dont you? I think I hear you say yes. Well, now, come along and dont bee afraid. You can get land enough. There is quite astur here about the railroad. It is survaid from Green Bay to Depere. The Depot is laid out rite West of the Widdow Dickensons house. You will recolect that vacant place. It runs close to my (2) acres there in town. It is thought it will run near our place out here but as to that I do not care. If they will have one in town we can find it I guess. Well, now, Charly, what do you think about it? Will you come? I have got Mr. Blake to see the Widdow Dickenson as he dos all hur trading. He thought hur place mite bee bot at a fair rate if it was not for the Rail Road comming so near hur. She mite think it wanted on speculation and hold on to it. I think this fall is the time to by if aman wants land in this place for very soon land will bee as high as 20 per acre. You will pleas write me as soon as you receive this and you will pleas remember me to Uncle Luke,[3] Aunt Hannah,[4] to your family, and pleas say to Uncle Warren[5] we should like to see him out her and all the rest of our relitivs. Dont for get to rite as soon as you receive this.

I received aletter from Brother Jason[6] last week. They ware all well down East then as far as he knew and now I will close by saying I hope to see you out here this fall and bee shure and bring that seasoned timber for asett of Wheals for you cant think how I want awaggon[7].

My best respects to you and yours and to all that may inquire.

James S. King

Depere, Wis

[to] Mr. C. L. Keith

Galesburg, Mich


[1] Luke’s mother, Hannah (Willcutt) Keith, and James King’s mother, Lilly (Willcutt) King, were sisters

[2] Instant, meaning of present time, especially of the present month

[3] Luke’s father, Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[4] Luke’s mother, Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[5] Warren Willcutt, Hannah’s younger brother

[6] James King’s brother, Jason Willcutt King

[7] Luke was a wagon maker, among other things

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