April 29, 1855 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

April 29, 1855

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Mr. Lasher, the man who is renting the farm, has been detained for a week because of ice in Buffalo Harbor, and George is asking Luke to get someone to draw out the manure on the orchard and plow it to make it ready for Mr. Lasher as it is important to get things planted so they will have food to get them through next winter.

Scan of 1855-04-29 George Tomlinson to Luke Keith

Pavilion           April 29, 1855

L. C. Keith

The man who has is going on to my place has been detained for a week past by the ice in the harbor of Buffalo. He is now calculating to start Tuesday next. He is going to take a team with him. Will drive to Buffalo take the boat to Detroit, send his wife by the cars and drive his team himself. It will be late when he gets there. It is highly important that he has something planted to keep him through next winter. If your father[1] has got along with his work so he possibly can I want he should draw out the manure on the orchard & plow it if possible & Mr Lasher, that is his name, will do as much for him. If your father cant do it all if he can do any thing have him do it. Try Oscar & see if he will change ____ so – or any body else. Lasher is a worker & is anxious to have things started in season. He would have been there by this time nearly had the lake been open. He wants to buy a good cow, make some inquiries for me. He has one horse, I have bot another so he will have a strong team. Could we be certain of finding a team then he would have left his horse with me & bot them. If the lake keeps froze up all the spring it will be a mistake that he did not go by the R.R. & run the risk of getting a team. He has the farm for 5 years. I furnish half the seed & he has half of what is raised delivers my half harvested & threshed on the premises. I furnish one horse or give him the use of the worth of a horse for the time. I am confident he can do well if he will. Try to get things started if you possibly can. I should have written before but expected he would start any day.

We are all well. No news that I think of.

Have you got any chopping done or have that timber? Lasher will plow for any one that will help him or do any thing else as he will be behind the light house some days. If you cant see to this send this line to your father or Oscar or both. Are you coming down to Attica?

Horace Bradly will die some time – report fixes the time as probaby near at hand.

Geo. Tomlinson

If Mrs. Lasher go from Detroit by the cars she will need taking care of 2 or 3 days.


[1] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

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