Agreement Between Luke Keith and Charles Cridland

Undated agreement between Charles Cridland and Luke Keith wherein Charles has sold his house and land to Luke; however, Charles will retain possession of the house and the part of the land already occupied as a nursery and garden, for a term of three years starting May 1, 1855. Charles will pay Luke $5.00 to build a fence to protect the nursery from cattle.  No one other than Charles and his own family may use the house.

Scan of 1855-05-01 Agreement Between Cridland and Keith

Agreement between Luke Keith and Charles R. Cridland concerning the House and Land sold by the latter to the former, and now occupied by him. Charles R Cridland is to have the use and possession of the House and so much of the Land as is now occupied by him as a nursery and garden &c for the term of three years from the first day of May next 1855, and is to pay the taxes on the whole property sold by him to Luke Keith, and to have the privilege of taking away all the fruit trees, Shrubs flowes and other things growing thereon, and also any temporary buildings he may hereafter erect for his use and convenience during his occupancy of the premises, and he is to take away any trees or things which may be standing thereon to the detriment of the land, and the said Luke Keith is to put up and sustain a good fence on the west line of the nursery to enclose the premises occupied by C R Cridland from damage by Cattle &c for which the latter agrees to pay him the sum of five dollars, and the said C. R Cridland is to use the house only for the convenience of his own family and not to rent the same to any other person or use except the one now occupied by him.

Charles R. Cridland

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