October 31, 1852 letter to Luke Keith from John Crittenden

October 31, 1852                     

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr.  

From:  John Crittenden, Concord, MI

Would like the money that Luke owes him. He heard from the spirit land through a medium. There were 14 spirits present, one of which was his father who took him by both hands and gave him a long and beautiful lecture.

Scan of 1852-10-31 John Crittenden to Luke Keith

Concord           Oct 31fst 1852

Dear Brother[1]

I take the present opportunety to informe you of our good health and the friends generally. I should have writen you earlyer but my business maters have been pressing. I do not find the account of the amount due me from you. It is mislaid or distroied by some accident but the amount will not vary far from eight Dollars and 40 cents. You may send eight Dollars and the interest from the time you received the property unless you think you ought not to pay interest. I think I can assertain the exact sum by writing to Henry[2] or you can write to him. I do not want one cent more than is my due in this matter if I can ascertain the true amount due me is less than $8 I will cherfully refund it to you again.

We have had another opportunity to hear from the spirit land through the medium I spoke to you about when in your place the same beautiful language and doctrine as before. She said there were 14 spirits present. Father[3] was one he took me by both hands gave me a long and beautiful lecture and departed. The medium said they bowed their heads and gave us the parting kiss.

No more at present. I had forgotten to say to you that you may send two pair of the long gloves. Dwight[4] wants one pair. You may send one pair of mitins as we talked and deduct the value of the gloves and mittins from the amount due me.

Give my love to your wife[5] and children[6] and all the frinds in your place your Father[7] and Mother[8] in particular not forgeting Alfleda.[9]

From your Brother

John Crittenden

[to] Luke Keith


(His second wife’s brother) His father[10] made the cherry table.[11]


[1] John was the brother of Luke’s second wife, Jerusha Crittenden; Jerusha died September 23, 1848

[2] John’s brother, Henry Crittenden

[3] Jarius Crittenden

[4] John’s son

[5] Luke’s third wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[6] Lois and Henry Keith (children by his first wife Minerva Payson) and Ethan and Nancy (children by Sarah Crawford)

[7] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[8] Hannah (Willcutt) Keith

[9] Alfleda (Starr) Keith, the widow of Luke’s brother Harvey

[10] The note referred to in the next footnote indicates that Henry Crittenden made the table, so it is unclear whether Jarius or Henry made the table

[11] This was a handwritten note by Dorothy (Recoschewitz) Langmayer. In a separate note she wrote: “The Cherry ‘Drop leaf table.’ Grandma wrote this (Nancy Keith Brown).” Then in Nancy’s handwriting: “Pas ‘Fall’ or Gate leaf table. Made by Henry Crittenden from the largest cherry tree grown in Western New York. It was grown on Mr C farm in Genness Co. Pa married Jerusha Crittenden in July 1847. They had the Table.”

1852-10-31D - Drop Leaf Table

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