June 4, 1850 letter to Luke Keith from Sarah Crittenden

June 4, 1850

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Sarah Crittenden, Concord, MI

It has been five weeks since she left home and she is getting impatient to return but doesn’t have the money required to do so. She wants Luke to send her the money that Luke owes her father. She intends to leave in two weeks with her grandparents. Cornelia would like to have the bonnet that Jerusha wanted her to have.

Scan of 1850-06-04 Sarah Crittenden to Luke Keith

Concord June 4th 1850

Uncle Luke

It is nearly five weeks since I left home so that I am beging to be quite impatient about getting home back again but as I have no means to do so shall be obliged to call on you for the money that you owe father[1] the amount of which you will know better than I. I intended to have visited you before I left Michigan but as grandfather and grandmother[2] are agoing to leave in two weeks I think that I shall not be able to go and see you this time. That bonnet which Aunt Jerush[3] wished Cornelia[4] to have we should like this summer if ever. Dwight[5] I believe has writen to you in whose care to send it that is if you chose to send it. Give my love to Gertrude.[6] You must remember to come and see us if ever you come to York state. You will oblige me much by sending that money immediately that I may be ready to go home with Grand father.

Yours in haste

S. Crittenden[7]

[to] Luke Keith


[1] Henry Crittenden

[2] Jarius and Eunice (Sprague) Crittenden

[3] Luke’s second wife, Jerusha (Crittenden) Keith, who died September 23, 1848

[4] Sarah’s sister, Cornelia Crittenden

[5] Sarah’s cousin, Dwight Crittenden

[6] Luke’s daughter, Lois Gertrude Keith

[7] Sarah Crittenden

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