May 6, 1848 letter to Charles Luke & Jerusha Keith Jr. from Dwight Crittenden

May 6, 1848

To: Charles Luke & Jerusha Keith Jr.

From: Dwight Crittenden, Albion, MI

Father has sold his farm in Hanover and bought again in Concord.

Scan of 1848-05-06 Dwight Crittenden to Charles Luke Keith

Albion May 6th /48

Worthy Uncle & Aunt[1]

I take this oportunity to write you a few lines to let you know that I have not forgtten you entirely. My health is quite good at present. Ellen[2] is now here attending school. I think I shall stay here this summer with Scranton & Dean.

I was at home last Sunday. Our Folks wer all well. Father[3] has sold his Farm in Hanover to Mr Hale for $2200 and bought again in Concord. He Recd a letter afew days since from Uncle English[4] statng that his share of the Estate was sold to Mr C____ for $1103. He will start for Covington next Monday and will probably be back in about two weeks. Uncle Henries[5] health is very poor, the rest of the friends are well. I have herd nothing from Saline[6] since you was here last winter. I hope you will write me on the receipt of this and let me know how homesick you are. I hope you will Excuse this scrawl for I have nothing to write with but a miserable old steel pen.

Respetfuly yours

Dwight Crittenden[7]


[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr. and Jerusha Crittenden, Luke’s second wife; they were married July 25, 1847

[2] Ellen Crittenden, Dwight’s sister

[3] John Crittenden, Jerusha’s brother

[4] Charles English, husband of Clarissa (Crittenden) English, Jerusha’s sister

[5] Henry Crittenden, Jerusha’s brother

[6] Saline, Michigan, where various family members lived

[7] Dwight was the son of Jerusha’s brother John Crittenden

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