April 21 1845 letter to Charles Luke Keith Jr. from Charles Webster

April 21, 1845

To: Charles Luke Keith Jr., Galesburg, MI

From: Charles Webster, Middleburg, IA

Hopes that the wagon Luke is making for him will soon be done and that when it is that Luke will “come and fetch it down and make us a visit” and fetch Aunt Lois and the children.

1845-04-21 Charles Webster to Charles Luke Keith Jr

Respected Friend

Your favor was duly Recd I was glad to hear that you had got the Waggon on the stocks. I hope it will soon be done. I have made arrangements for ironing of it. I Want it as Soon as posible. I Wish when you get it done you would come and fetch it down and make us a visit. Fetch aunt Louis and the children.[1] I Would come out for it but my business is such that I can not. Well _____ yours may be so to. If it is I wish you would send it to Kalamazoo and write to me what place I will find it by so doing you will confer a great favor on me. I think I can send and get it most any time. Now Luke just do this and write to me the Balance your due and I will see that you have yore pay before a long time. Do not fail. You must give our Respects to your folks and tell aunt Louis Sarah wants to see her very much.

We are all well. No news of any acount.

Middburg April 21 1845[2]

Chas Webster [to] Luke Keith Jun


[1] Luke’s daughter, Lois, and son, Henry

[2] The letter was folded to form its own envelope and the return address portion appears to read:

Middleburg  }
Ia April 21    }

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