January 16, 1836 letter to Dr. James Harris from E. Morton

January 16, 1836

To:  Dr. James Harris, Comstock, MI

From:  E. Morton, St. Joseph, MI

 Things are hard this winter and provisions of every kind very scarce. He sent $100 to Chicago to buy a wagon and plow which were procured and shipped on board the Swan which was lost with all on board. Would like Dr. Harris to send some hygiene pills and a good quantity of his pills if he can as he feels very unsafe without them.

Scan of 1836-01-16 E Morton to Dr James Harris

St Joseph Jan. 16 – 1836

Dear Friend

I write you at this time by Esqr Ransom principally on account of business concerns not being exactly prepared as yet to write the long letter I have promised you nor have I time at present – we are all in good health at this time, digging along at a hard row this winter, provisions of every kind very scarse and dear and in fact have found it hard getting along in every point of view. I sent a hundred dollars to Chicago by a trusty man to buy me a waggon, a plow &c which were procured and shiped on board the Swan which before she reached this place was lost and all on board and nothing as yet heard from vessel or crew, this though not a great amount I have felt very sensibly under existing circumstances. I have hopes that the tide of things will turn with me by and by. I have inclosed Henry’s note which if it is as convenient to pay now he can though I would not ask it otherwise. If Lucy can send me a stock worth a dollar on it she may do so. If you have obtained any money for me I should be glad to have you send it. If no oportunities of private conveyance apper please send by mail. We should be glad of some hygean pills if you have them. If you have three dollar packages send two or three if you please and can find oportunity, send also a good quantity of your pills if you please and can. We want some of these medicines very much. We feel very unsafe without them. We have Bennett here within five miles of us (the same that was at your house) but I have little confidence in him. He seems to be all harsh intolerance with very limited inteligence. Our Thomsonian system is little known here and strong prejudices are entertained by many against it. I have not time to write more now. I shall write you a history of affairs here by and by.

Very sincerely I am

Your Friend and Wellwisher

E. Morton

[to] Dr. James Harris


P.S.  Mrs Morton and the rest of the family send their Respects to yourself Mrs Harris[1] and others of your family



[1] Sally (Hodge) Harris

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