February 10, 1833 letter to James Harris from Sally Fitch

February 10, 1833

To:  James Harris, Richfield, NY

From:  Sally Fitch, Gallipolis, OH

The letter was folded to form its own envelope, is addressed to Mr James Harris, and the return address portion reads Gallipolis, O. At the bottom of the front envelope portion is written, in pencil, Aunt Sally Fitch letter. She is reporting back to him on the “situation of this country” compared to Richfield. She notes that the price of rifles is between $12-$15, with some as high as $20, and 100-acre farms on the river are $500.

Scan of 1833-02-10 Sally Fitch to James Harris

Febr. 10th 1833

Dear brother

I received your letter ysterday. You wanted me to staite the situation of this cuntry. This place is more uneven than Otsego but a few miles back the cuntry is very level. The climet is much warmer than it is in that cuntry. There has has not ben any cold weather this winter worth mentioning. There has not ben but two snows this winter. The weather is warmer now in this cuntry than it is there generly the first way. There is very good times for farmers. Everything they rais there is good market and salt and other articles that they want are vary cheap and money is plenty.

I hav giv up all hopes of ever seeings you again but I want to see you vary much. My family is well and it is vary helthy hear. You wanted me to stait the price of rifles. They sell from twelve to fifteen dollars and som as high as twenty.

I have nothing more at presant but remain

Yours until death Sally Fitch

[to] James Harris

Their is farmes on the river. One hundred are lots for sale at five hundred dollers each. Their is severl that has considerble improvement on and their is some that has none but the timbered land is valued as high as the improved. The timber is very valueable on the river. All the timber is generaly shaped[?] into steam bote wood and it will fetch from two dolars to two and a half acord and the land lies verry level. I have not time to rite eny thing more to day. I have an opportunity of sending it at town this after noon.

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