November 29, 1819 letter to James Harris from Joseph & Jane Griffeth

November 29, 1819

To: James Harris, Richfield, NY

From: Joseph & Jane Griffeth, Westchester, CT

The letter was folded to form its own envelope and the return address portion appears to read West Chester, CT. In a different handwriting someone had written New London Co Conn. It is unknown if Joseph or Jane wrote the letter. The letter states that he/she was pleased to hear from him and learn they were all alive. Also heard from “my sister” and was pleased to hear that they were all alive also, although he/she doesn’t expect to ever see them again in this world. Has been troubled with Santana’s fire since last summer. The children are well. Amasa is in Lexington, Kentucky — has been gone four years next February.

Scan of 1819-11-29 Joseph & Jane Griffeth to James Harris

Dear Sir

I received A letter from you which gave Me Grate Pleasure to hear from you and to hear that you was All a live. We have Ben sick the Most of the time Sence you was hear and are out of health Now. I was very glad to hear from My Sister to hear that they was all a live & Alltho I Donte Never Expect to See them a gain in this world a gain and If we Should Bee So happy as to Meet in that Blessed world of Spirits that would Bee a happy Meeting. I have Bin troubled with the Santinas fire[1] Since Last Sumer and cant git Noo Relief. Pray write to My Sister and let them No that we are a live. My Children are well for what I Now. Amasa is in Lexington in Kentucky. He has Bin gone fore years Next febuary.

I wrote him a letter to Night

Pray Burn these

Joseph Griffeth
Jane Griffeth

To James Harris

November the 29 1819


[1] Perhaps he was referring to St. Anthony’s fire, or erysipelas, named so because the affected skin areas are bright red in appearance. It is a contagious skin disease, due to Streptococci, and accompanied by high fevers, shaking, chills, fatigue, headaches, vomiting, and general illness

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